Fixtures & Results

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April 23rd: Beehive 165-4 Swindon Nomads CC 164-7 (St Joseph’s School)

May 11th: Bishop’s Cannings CC 143-2 Beehive 121-10

May 14th: Bell Inn CC vs Beehive MATCH ABANDONED  (Sulis Club Bath)

May 17th: Beehive vs Dorcan School Teachers XI  CANCELLED (St Joseph’s School)

May 21st: White Horse Broad Hinton CC 80-4 Beehive 79-8

May 21st: Southwick Beehive 86-6 Beehive    89-6

May 25th: Commonweal School Teachers XI 114-9 Beehive 142-6 (Commonweal School) TBC

June 1st: Prince Albert CC vs Beehive (Stroud)

June 11th: Moreton-in-Marsh CC vs Beehive

June 15th: Crown Inn CC vs Beehive (Frampton Mansell)

June 17th: Beehive vs Nine Elms (Croft)

June 21st: Cherhill CC vs Beehive (Avebury)

June 25th: Southwick Beehive vs Beehive

July 1st: Saracen’s Head TBC

July 7th-9th: Miserden Eight’s Festival TBC

July 16th: Compton Bassett CC vs Beehive

July 20th: Beehive vs Crown Inn CC TBC

July 23rd: Highworth CC vs Beehive

August 5th: Beehive vs Castle (Croft)

August 9th: Nationwide Casuals

August 12th: Intra-Hive TBC

August 20th: Avebury CC vs Beehive

September 3rd: Great Bedwyn CC vs Beehive

September 9th: Beehive vs Bell Inn CC (croft)


May 10th: Bell 62-7 Beehive 69-3

May 31st: Beehive 62-10 Avebury 67-3

June 20th: Beehive A 157-3 Beehive B 123-9

June 27th: Nine Elms 127-7 Beehive 112-5

July 4th: Beehive 191-3 Castle 102-9

July 30th: Beehive 76-5 Crown Inn 77-3

August 9th: Southwick 175-8 Beehive 177-3

August 22nd: Beehive 161-0 Circus 85-8

September 12th: Beehive 114-6 Bell 115-3


May 1st: Beehive 90-10 Highworth 91-2

May 15th: Beehive 164-6 Bell 109-9

June 4th: Beehive 160-3 Castle 109-9

June 11th Nine Elms 158-3 Beehive 107-10

June 18th: Beehive B 138-2 Beehive A 104-6

July 3rd: White Horse 277-3 Beehive 113-10

July 9th: Beehive 67-1 Easton Cowboys 70-3

July 9th: Beehive 71-2 The Ram

July 9th: Prince Albert 83-0 Beehive 60-3

July 24th: Southwick: 171-9 Beehive 173-6

August 13th: Tom’s VII 79-1 Lurch’s VII 44-2

August 13th: Tom’s VII 47-1 Lurch’s VII 46-7

August 18th: Beehive 88-4 Crown Inn 92-2

August 21st: Avebury 93-5 MATCH ABANDONED

August 24th: Beehive 94-5 Cherhill97-4

September 3rd: Bell 134-3 Beehive 135-7