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Prince Albert CC 142-3

Beehive CC 99-10

Beehive lose by 43 runs.

Chris Lurchton top scoring with 23, Darren Rudman with 21, Joseph Rendall with 19, and Simon Vine with 13.

2 wickets for a loanee bowler from Prince Albert, and a run out for David Wilkie.


Been a bit of an effort but it looks like we have eleven for tomorrow’s game against Prince Albert.

Tom Blake
Alan Pool
Chris Lurchton
Darren Rudman
David Wilkie
Joseph Rendall
Mark Wilson
Roy Haskins
Sam Harper
Scott Landis
Simon Vine

Post code for pitch at Miserden is: GL6 7JB and Prince Albert pub after is: GL5 3SS

Might have to do something about Thursday matches next summer, as it’s the only day of the week we really struggle to get a team out.


Predictions Competition Top 10 after two matches. These rankings could, of course, wildly fluctuate over the course of the summer. Not at all fishy that several Blake family members have suspiciously similar scores! 😉

Jeremy Blake: 28
Andy Simmonds: 27
Jason Moore: 26
Kelly Blake: 26
David Wilkie: 25
Tom Blake: 25
Mike Perkins: 20
Reg Cozens: 19
Adam Allen: 17
Michelle Thomas: 16


Beehive CC Supporter of the Year League Table after two matches.

Mike Perkins: 10
Arlo Blake: 8
Isabella Smith: 8
Kelly Blake: 6
Tony Stirton: 5
Mads Booth-Howe: 4
Sinéad Theresa: 4
Sophie Clubb: 4
Carol Vine: 2
Clare Danswan: 2
Jeremy Blake: 2
Julian Thomas: 2
Lindsay Blake: 2
Michelle Thomas: 2
Mike Boon: 2


Beehive 210-5

White Horse CC 170 – 8

Beehive win by 40 runs.

103 for Andy Simmonds.

35 for Nick Stacey and 22* for Mark Wilson.

Scott Landis: 3-26

Matthew Bull: 2-8

Andy Simmonds: 2-15

Cracking win and Beehive Man of the Match is Simmo for the second game on the bounce!


Beehive team to play White Horse Broad Hinton CC tomorrow. 2pm start at their place. Postcode: SN4 9PL.

Tom Blake
Andy Simmonds
Kevin Fitzgerald
Luke Roche
Mark Wilson
Matthew Bull
Nick Stacey
Reg Cozens
Sam Harper
Scott Landis
Will Smith

Anyone who can’t make it, do get in touch ASAP as usual.



Beehive 143-9

Bishops Cannings 144-4

Beehive lose by 6 wickets.

Andy Simmonds top scoring for Beehive with 98*

Two wickets each for Scott Landis and Darren Rudman.


Beehive team to play Bishops Cannings CC on Thursday May 10th.

Tom Blake
Adam Bardsley
Alan Holland
Andy Simmonds
Chris Lurchton
Daniel Booth-Howe
Darren Rudman
James Attew
Mark Wilson
Scott Landis

6pm start at their place. SN10 3LQ.

Who’s driving and who needs a lift?

Match fees £5.

As always, anyone who can’t make it, do get in touch as soon as possible. Cheers.


Pleased to announce that Beehive CC will be at The Albert 9’s tournament again this September at Miserden. We didn’t win a single game there last year, but Mark Wilson and Adam Bardsley did manage to drink the bar dry! Other teams look like being The Prince Albert, Strayhounds, and The Tunnel House Tigers.


As the first two matches of the season were cancelled, I’ve added another one to the calendar. Beehive CC vs Churchfield’s Teachers XI led by our very own Will Smith is now confirmed for Wednesday June 6th at St Joe’s School.


Unfortunately, tomorrow’s game at Compton Bassett CC is now cancelled. Their pitch is waterlogged. Season now starts on Thursday May 10th against Bishops Cannings CC.


Just received official confirmation that Beehive CC will be at The Miserden 8’s tournament in The Cotswolds again this summer Friday July 13th -15th. Cheers Steve Chiggy Chandler! It’s an absolutely cracking weekend of cricket, camping, and far too much drinking, with live bands and DJ’s in the evening. Other teams include The Crown Inn, Prince Albert, Easton Cowboys, Bell Inn, and Lanskar Nomads from Wales. It very much is one of the highlights of our cricketing summer despite never having won a game there yet! This year seems to have a reggae theme so even better!

Who’s up for it? Have to pay our £100 entry fee by the end of May. We need a minimum of eight players but more are most welcome.


Beehive team to take on Compton Bassett on Sunday:

Tom Blake (c)
Alan Holland
Andy Simmonds
Dan Booth-Howe
Denzyl D’Souza
James Attew
Lurch (wk)
Mark Wilson
Matt Bull
Reg Cozens
Will Smith


Well done all from Beehive CC & also Beehive customers who came to pub this afternoon. As the food was only going to go to waste, we put it out anyway and made just over £60 in donations. Cheers all!


If anyone fancies dining in The Beehive this afternoon, we have a lot of food that needs eating now the Cricket match is off. Approximately 3.30pm and donations for food.


Today’s match against Nomads is officially now off thanks to St Joes double booking the pitch and nowhere else being available. Fair to say that I am very pissed off with St Joe’s about this. Two hours notice is utterly unacceptable especially after we spent £70 of club funds on the post-match tea! I thought that no one could possibly trump Croft for utter incompetence, but this shambles have not only managed it, but left us seventy quid out of pocket too! There will be a stern letter of complaint!


Beehive team to take on Swindon Nomads on Sunday. 1pm start at St Joseph’s School. Tea in pub after. £5 match fees. Supporters most welcome!

Tom Blake
Andy Simmonds
Chris Lurchton
Denzyl D’Souza
James Attew
James Crockett
Luke Roche
Mark Wilson
Reg Cozens
Will Smith

As always, anyone who can’t make it, do get in touch sharpish. Anyone who didn’t make the team this time, don’t worry as there’s another 29 matches to come and everyone will play at some point.


Beehive CC badges will be on sale again in the pub from tomorrow evening. A mere snip at a quid each! Wear them with pride!


St Joseph’s School is now confirmed for Sundays season opener against Nomads CC. 1pm start and Tea in Beehive after. For those currently playing in this one, it’s £5 match fees to cover pitch hire and food and no spikes as it’s an artificial track. Cheers.


For those currently playing on Sunday against Nomads at Ampney Crucis, their pitch is still underwater or something, so it won’t be happening there. Trying to move it at short notice to St Joe’s School and will know in the next couple of days so provisionally, game is still on. Will let you all know ASAP. If at St Joe’s, it will be a Beehive home game so we will put a tea on in the pub after.


Cheers to the few who braved the weather and came to nets today at St Joe’s. That’s the last regular session before the start of the season next Sunday. Although there might be a sporadic session here and there throughout the summer. Fingers crossed it’s not raining at Ampney Crucis next week.


Reminder about nets tomorrow at St Joe’s School. 2pm. All welcome.


Only 12 days now until the start of the Beehive cricket season, so here’s a quick note on team selection.

This is our biggest season yet with almost thirty matches booked in and, after some heavy handed winter recruiting, also our largest squad of players yet. In previous summers, selection basically came down to which eleven players were actually available and sober on the day. This year however, outside of the core group, there will have to be an element of rotation to ensure everyone gets to play. Therefore, don’t worry if you don’t get selected for the first few games. Your time will come and everyone will have their days in the sun! All ok?


With less than three weeks until the start of yet another glorious summer of Beehive Cricket, we will once again be running the Beehive CC Supporters Competition.

Rules as follows:

1 point for wearing Beehive CC merchandise in the pub up to a maximum of 10 points.

2 points for attending a home game.

3 points for attending a home game wearing Beehive CC merchandise.

4 points for attending an away game.

5 points for attending an away game wearing Beehive CC merchandise.

3 points for providing Beehive CC players, umpires, or scorers with food & booze during a game.

5 points for driving Beehive CC players, umpires, or scorers to a game.

8 points for standing in as 12th man when Tom Blake or Kevin Fitzgerald inevitably get injured.

Most points win a stein of beer or a bottle of wine at the end of season awards bash.

Last years winner with a whopping 26 points was Sinéad Theresa followed by Michelle Thomas with 19, and Julian Thomas with 17.


The Beehive CC Predictions Competition for the coming season is now live. Entry forms available in the pub. £2 entry with half the pot going to the winner and half to bolster club funds.


Suggested by Tom Blake, this season we are introducing The Beehive CC Predictions Competition. £2 entry fee with half the money going to the winner at the end of the season and the other half bolstering the club’s coffers.

Quite simply, vote for which Beehive player you think will win in The following categories:

Most Games Played
Most Runs
Most Wickets
Highest Score
Highest Batting Average
Highest Batting Strike Rate
Best Bowling Average
Best Economy
Most Catches
Most Dropped Catches
Most Run Outs
Most 4’s
Most 6’s
Most Maiden Overs
Most Ducks
Most Injuries
Most Man of the Match

If your choice comes first in a category, you get 5 points. Second place gets 2 points, and third place, just 1 point. Whoever has the most points wins the cash.

To be considered for averages, your choice must play in a minimum of a third of this summer’s matches.

Entry forms will be available in the pub next week or you can enter by messaging your predictions, and handing over the entry fee when I see you next.

Sound good? Any questions?


Nets, of the outdoor variety, booked for 2pm on Sunday. Bring hot soup.


Next indoor nets are booked for Sunday February 18th 2pm at St Joseph’s School Sports Hall. All Welcome.


It’s the time of year to put a shirt order in for coming season. If any new players want one, or any existing players need a new shirt to replace one they’ve broken, lost, accidentally dyed pink, or can’t be bothered to wash, then do get in touch. Minimum order is six shirts and cost should be just under £25 per shirt. I’ll know exactly how much when I email for a quote. Money to be paid up front before they make the shirts, and can be dropped into The Beehive or transferred into my account.


First winter indoor nets confirmed for Saturday January 27th 2pm at St Joseph’s School Sports Hall. Plan is have another three weeks later then fortnightly until the start of the season. All welcome. Bring balls if you have them.


Beehive Cricket Club is now on Twitter. Find us @TheBeehiveCC